Goodbye Wedding Dress

I have a size 10-12 raw silk wedding dress that I thought was rather pretty…anyone want it?  

Seriously, I never understood the sentimentality around keeping wedding dresses.  It is the most photographed day of most people’s lives so you have a thousand pictures of the day to remember the dress by so what is the big deal?   I have always had minimalistic stirrings so perhaps even if someone tried to explain this to me I would never get it…

BUT, 2 years later I still have that bad boy of a dress hanging out on my staircase near my terrace.  Why?  Because I was trying to make a quick buck from it selling it on Craigslist.  I had exactly one inquiry about it from an ad I posted once about 2 years ago and never renewed.  

The madness that is me wants to declutter but I want to declutter ‘perfectly’, if that makes any sense.  I want the dress to go to a good home and recoup some costs in the exchange.  The latter would make me feel so cool in an anti-consumer/minimalist kinda way…(haha…look at me! I bought a second hand dress and then sold it to recoup some costs!  Take that you consumeristic wedding industry!! )  The reality is that far from being all savvy like I’d hoped, instead I’ve let this dress take up my precious visual, mental and physical space for far too too long….

This kind of thing happens a lot to me with all kinds of little unimportant things in life (such as getting rid of a piece of clothing that has fulfilled its use in my life).  I think up the perfect disposal of an item or have an idea and I just cannot move on from there, even though it is not ‘deserve’ this amount of mental time.




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