TMF 174.6 – And so it goes…

Hi all….

So just to keep record, I’m posting my almost 7 mos pregnant weight up there.  I have absolutely no problem with gaining weight during this period but I do find myself struggling when I make poor nutritional choices.  I mean me nor little person (what I call the baby) needs sugar the way I take it in…..I was beating the sugar addiction/habit there for awhile but recently it is like every day I indulge in my OVERLY sweet tooth.  For example, two nights ago I I found myself up at midnight devouring a Ben & Jerry’s container that I had gotten for *FREE* with a coupon (said coupon found on a Fibre One cereal box – how’s that for mixed messages? 😉 And then today 2 glasses of extra sweet hot chocolate. 

I don’t like what this does to my health much less the health of a little person who has no choice but to go along with the poor health decisions of its mother.  How can I continue my judging of parents smoking around their kids when I am making some very questionable choices myself?  (not that I should be self-righteous or judge anyone mind you – meant more tongue in cheek!)

Anyway, this next week and 2 mos plus that I am carrying this child, I have decided to change this nutritional ship around.  Ahoy mateys!


One response to “TMF 174.6 – And so it goes…

  1. hey my dear, update your ‘about me’ page some time, you’re no longer single. Love, Joycie

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