Finding $4050

As we have explored ad nauseum around these parts, I am a procrastinator, a non-decision maker an avoider of life’s tasks.  I get overwhelmed by mail, emails, phone messages (to the point where I now tell people not to bother to leave vmail)…etc.  I get overwhelmed easily by the number of decisions to make that can’t all be made perfectly and I just want to hide.  It has been getting better over the years but still there are stints where I feel I’m making no progress at all with this problem of mine.

Of course it really helps if I just deal with stuff and make decisions and not let things pile up at all.

… recently I tackled a pile of letters that had been sitting around for 1.5 years (yes, you are right…I have a major problem!!…I know!).  These particular envelopes, I had set aside because I felt there would be a lot of stuff in them that would make me feel anxious, demand I make decisions or do some leg/grunt work…..guess what?  There was a cheque (which of course was now too old to cash in there for 50 bucks!) and then another bill which when I quickly reviewed ended up I was owed almost 4000$ dollars…..not petty change by any stretch right?  Wow….so of course especially with the new baby coming this money would come in MIGHTY HANDY.  After kicking myself swiftly in the rear for not addressing these issues 1.5 years ago, I got on the phone for a few weeks trying to get back all this money.  How do you explain to someone you misplaced a cheque or hadn’t followed up on what you were owed for such a period of time?  Very lucky for me, both companies were relatively easy to deal with and I was able to finally secure all the money owed to me…..but it could have very easily gone the other way if these companies had refused (because of the delay) OR gone bankrupt or whatever….

It hit home to me big time ONCE AGAIN, how much less time, energy and stress and savings….(all equalling better quality of life) you have when you take the time up front to be organized and careful about your affairs.  Yeah it is a bit of stress and hardship to deal with issues and problems upfront BUT it will only get worse with time if you try to hide from them or let it pile up.

I never thought when tackling my clutter piles that I would end up with such a financial gain….but I suspect that if I continue to do this I will find other such windfalls and sadly – missed opportunities.  (e.g. if only I had sold this electronic device on Craig’s list 2 years ago, it would have been worth something, OR “oh yeah I was saving this piece of pottery for Susie cause she collects them but now she’s moved away’ OR ‘here is that hammer I bought…if I’d known it was here, I wouldn’t have gotten another one to clutter up my space’….etc.

Moral of the Story:  DEAL AND HEAL or DELAY AND PAY. (I just made that up right now but it is mighty clever itdn’t? 😉


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