TMF – June 9/2011 170.0lbs

Hey looky look! The morris files are back.  This is sorta purely academic/memorializing of my weight as obviously it is just going to go up now that I am almost 6 mths preggo.  But I do want to point out that since the beginning of the pregnancy I am actually at a loss of 4 pounds….(getting married and honeymooning definitely packed the pounds on there!)

Initially I lost weight (as many women do) because of sickness and tiredness but I was worried when after those initial three mths I was still not really gaining the 1 pound of week recommended.  It was actually kinda freaking me out…(strange for someone who has always wanted to lose weight!).  Anyway, I found out through research that if you are significantly overweight (I was about 30-40 lbs overweight at the beginning of pregnancy) and if you eat healthy and keep exercising you may actually not gain much weight or even lose some because your body has evolved to be that ingenious – it understand that you already have the needed extra weight for childbirth and nursing so it doesn’t need to pack more on….and for me having my stomach squished, getting heart burn often, having a higher metabolism with the body wanting baby-making calories, and wanting to eat healthy for the child has resulted in a net loss so far in weight.

Since a normal weight woman is supposed to gain between 25 lbs – 40 lbs, I guess someone who is overweight to begin with can probably get away with only gaining 15 lbs or so….so that is sorta my goal.  Don’t get me wrong, I have no intention whatsoever of compromising nutrients my child and body needs for the sake of weight management….I just think it is interesting to observe how my body reacts in this baby-hosting escapade.  I will just continue trying to be healthy as I can in my habits…for the sake of me and of course for ‘little person’ (as I like to call he/she)


2 responses to “TMF – June 9/2011 170.0lbs

  1. You’re pregnant?! How did I miss that one? LOL

    And married and already went on a honeymoon? Where have I been?

    I remember the engagement, but somehow missed everything else.

    Well, congratulations on the marriage and the baby. 🙂 You sound very happy and very sensible about the weight thing. Sounds like you’re taking good care of yourself and the baby. 🙂

    • sanjinthecity

      Thanks Diana 🙂 I guess I wasn’t blogging so much through all the hazy days of wedding/honeymoon stuff. The baby was a bit of a surprise….We were not planning for it quite so early in the marriage but we are grateful as a) we knew we wanted to start a family fairly quickly, b) we know many couples who desire to have children but cannot. Thanks for stopping by!

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