God’s not fair…

…and I am so grateful.  If He was fair than I would have to account for all my wrongdoing to the just and perfect ruler of the universe.  Thankfully (!!) he prepared a way for the imperfect to still be with Him by taking our sins upon Himself and thus satisfying His justice and His love.  ….ah the paradoxes of God.

I think of this today because I read recently in Henry Cloud’s book “9things you simply must do” that every relationship you ever have will fail if you are simply fair.  If you are fair that means ‘tit for tat’…”if you are good to me then I will be good to you.”  Here’s the problem…you are in relationships with sinners/imperfect people.  They are going to fail you (guaranteed!) (and double surprise, YOU are going to fail them) If you are just being fair, then you have every right to cut them and shut them out…..and thus you end up with no one around you…..To really love and stay in relationship we have to have a lot of grace AND NEED a lot of grace.  If you keep a record of wrongs either way or act according only to how the other acts….well, get used to your own company….cause you are going to be alone ALOT.


One response to “God’s not fair…

  1. I love this post because it’s so true! And I needed the reminder. 🙂

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