“I don’t do time”

I recently had a lovely conversation with an esthetician who was ‘doing my nails’ at a salon.

I asked her if she enjoyed her job…and her simple response was, “I don’t do time”.   I didn’t understand so I asked her to explain.  She told me that she enjoys every moment of every day.  She never sees any task or part of her life as a prison sentence.  Everything is done meditatively with full presence of mind.

Pretty profound, huh?  How many of us (myself included for sure) are not in the moment but just wanting to get to the end of the work day or event or whatever?  Towards what end?  What are we hurrying towards or waiting impatiently for? death?  Time is our most precious gift and one of the few things we can’t replace.

I’ve been contemplating this ‘not doing time’…..I want to live like that.


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