Been Awhile

You didn’t think that I would be back did you? I don’t blame you….neither did I. 🙂

You would never believe what has kept me away for so long.  Yes, life has been busy with being in a relationship and getting MARRIED and all BUT every so often,  I did feel the ‘urge to purge’ my brilliance to the internet at large (you know, to my two faithful reader friends 🙂

What actually kept me from posting in those bare-all moments was pure lack of technical know-how.  Every time  I tried to log on ‘it’ just would not let me login.  I figured maybe because it had been so long, the blog had been obliterated by wordpress or some such thing.  Me being the passive kinda person I am, I did no further investigations or questioning….except every so often I would try to login – hoping that the technical glitch would have magically worked itself out.

….and so it did today.

…and here I am.  Back to right little posts about interesting things I’m thinking about.


One response to “Been Awhile

  1. Welcome back! I missed my sagacious friend!

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