Making Choices

It is really interesting how planning a wedding makes you consider your life and who you are. There are SO many decisions to be made – it is totally mind boggling; everything from who should be invited to what kind of shoes to wear to your bridesmaids hair styles.

As in all other spaces in life, if you have a good sense of who you are and where y are going and what you like….then hey! the decision making is tedious BUT doable….otherwise, (as I have found) WATCH OUT!

It was interesting making the guest list, choosing the bridesmaids…upon what criteria am I supposed to choose these things? who I feel closest to? who I admire? who have been there for me? the people I have fun with? longevity in my life? people who I’m grateful to?

Maybe for some brides the people that correspond to these answers are the same people – not for me.  Surprisingly the bridesmaid choice was easier than the guest list as there was much more room on the latter. Even though we had taken some time to evaluate what was important to us (people) – in the end it still got confusing to sort out the almost 300 invitees! (what can I say…I know a lot of people…;)

(wow I’m kind of bored by what I just wrote…yawn!….oh well, I guess marriagedom has the dangerous side effect of making you boring…;)


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