What I want…

I want intimacy with God – more than anything.  I know this sounds totally wierd, but I get jealous sometimes when I hear that someone has had all these wonderful, amazing times spent with God. (btw – if you have never enjoyed & relished time w God, you really should experience this beautiful, and nothing-can-compare experience)….

What makes such jealousy wierd is that NOTHING (except myself) is stopping me from having equally special times with Him. All through the Bible, it is clear that God just wants/yearns for our HEART…to give over and surrender to him and love HIM…and enjoy Him. Enjoying His company can be a person’s lifework……really! Ther is no end to His depth, beauty, complexity, etc. etc. etc……so it is an infinite enjoyment.

SO why don’t I chose Him instead of the computer? guilt? laziness? control issues? (cause God demands and asks all – complete surrender….there is no halfway with Him)


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