TMF – 168 lbs

So I’m planning for my wedding and  I am horrified at the unthinkable: Being fat at my wedding.  There I said it…politically correct or not..for what it is worth………I always thought I would have this “issue” dealt with by then.  Of course, it doesn’t help that I have only 10 weeks before the big day.

Send me good thoughts on the journey friends – I need them.


2 responses to “TMF – 168 lbs

  1. Don’t go all crazy and start crash dieting. Just eat healthy (you know how), and get a little exercise.

    You’ll be beautiful regardless what you weigh. You’re in love. It’s wedding day. Every bride I’ve ever seen, regardless of her weight, was drop dead gorgeous. 🙂

    • Thanks Diana for the very solid advice. I agree…I’ve never seen an ugly bride 😉 I was just being real about how I feel about this whole thing. Reality is my fiance loves me exactly at my weight right now…and so should I (love myself, I mean! 🙂

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