Learning Japanese

I have always had this ‘thing’ about Korean.  I am of South Asian descent so I can’t really explain it other than to chalk it down to the various idiosyncrisies and influences of life….(I had quite a few Korean friends….then started loving Korean food and watching Korean TV (with subtitles!!)… there is something about the language that I really, really like.

ANYWAY, I was at a book store 2 years ago and saw a ‘learn Japananese’ CD collection that was on sale….and I bought it.  Why?  Because I know that Korean is (outside of Korea) a pretty ‘useless’ language (e.g. no one except Koreans speak it). On the other hand, Japanese is a ‘business’ language and would be ‘impressive’ and an asset to know.  Plus if I ever did travel in Korea as I hope to someday, Japanese will come in handy (as the two countries are neighbors and do quite a bit of business together, many Koreans (especially involved in the tourist industry) know Japanese)

So guess how much Japanese I know two years later?  Yup, that’s right – NONE…zippo!  AND, I felt a slight twinge of guilt every time my eyes caught a glimpse of that little CD box smugly sitting there – a little physical reminder of my failure/laziness, etc.

  I got rid of that box today (sold it for pennies to a Used media store) and I feel so relieved.  I once read that de-cluttering our space and lives is really letting go of the person we used to be or wish we were and confronting and accepting who we really are….I mean how much space would the average woman’s closet have if they ONLY had clothes in there that fit them?  Instead, most of us have clothes from sizes of bygone years…we stubbornly hold onto these clothese believing that one day, one day! we will fit into them again.  Perhaps we would get there much faster if we embraced and celebrated ourselves at the size we are currently at (this would probably be a lot easier without seeing those old clothes hanging in judgment and a testimony of our ‘failure’ (to fit into them again) every time we opened our closet.

It takes courage and confidence not to be swayed by the world’s opinions and thoughts.  On the other hand, if you try to live life for others, as I have learned, it pleases no one and leaves you going crazy. 

I wish I was a person who wanted to learn Japanese but I’m actually a person who wants to learn Korean.   I would have saved myself 20 bucks and years of guilt if I had just acknowledged and accepted this fact.


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