TMF: Lots of people are not naturally skinny

No weight update today but I just want to dispel a personal myth that I have (I’ve also heard others speak on this)…the complaint is that, skinny people just naturally have a lower set weight point/high metabolism. 

I guess that is true to some degree but my personal observation of skinny friends, my skinny roomate (that I had under a microscope) and my workmates is that:  they naturally restrict what they choose to eat ALL THE TIME.  They say no to dessert, they make healthy choices (green salad for lunch), choose fruit as a snack.  They have the same voices that urge other, poorer health choices…but over a lifetime have built healthy HABITS that make it easier to choose the right stuff.

I notice that in my new environment at work.  All the ladies are pretty slender and I notice they are all very careful about making choices for better health.  It is intersting to compare thier lunch to mine and what they order at a restaurant to what I order. 

…so yeah….I’m left with fewer and fewer excuses.


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