I cannot stress the title of this blog enought to single women (& men to a lesser degree).  I mostly have a lot of single girlfriends that are AMAZING (beautiful, accomplished, kind, spiritual, fun)…a lot of these type of women in my life.  A lot of these women complain that they cannot find the Mr. Right….I’ve been in the same boat for years on end.  And I completely agree with the sentiment.  It is a reality in life that as you get older you tend to run in the same circles and the number of unattached people does decrease. 

…..BUT, I do find that every so often a perfectly nice fellow likes one of these lovely ladies…and because they are ‘not feeling him’ they DON’T give him a chance.  I get that you are not feeling him….I wasn’t feeling my fiance in the beginning either….but I am SO glad I gave him a chance.  Gave him the chance to get over his nervousness and desire to impress me.  Gave our friendship a chance…until we were comfortable with each other to the point where I could experience what a great guy he is. 

In the past too often I had fallen for those charming guys….the problem is that charming guys get that way because they have LOTS of practice.  The smooth ones always get the lady…..and that really is too bad.  When a good guy (who’s not that smooth to begin with) really likes you, he’s going to be extra nervous and lack confidence around you…Give him that chance to get his groove back.  Talk to him, get to know him….and you just might find that he’s fantastic….just like I did.


One response to “GIVE HIM A CHANCE!!!!

  1. You got engaged! How did I miss that?!

    First, congratulations. You sound very happy these days. It sounds like you’ve figured some things out. You’ve come a long way from when I first started reading your blog. I think you’re growing up, and in a good way. 🙂

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