The Morris Files: 171.2 lbs

Yesterday I had this little victory.  I had a very emotional conversation with a friend about fighting for change in your life and what an exhausting battle it can be sometimes.  He was literally in tears as he recounted his struggle to get an addiction to alcohol under control and how he had to rely so much on God to sometimes get through each day.

As I was walking home after that cathartic conversation, Morris suddenly whispered that I should get a Boston Cream donut from Tim Horton’s to soothe my somewhat flustered nerves.  Now that I was finished with the fraying of the nerves and all had gone relatively well it was time to reward myself, right?  I obediently got into line and then the debate raged within.  Finally, I resisted Morris’ tantalizing suggestion (literally dashing out of line) on the basis of two things;

1.  If my friend was fighting this hard, maybe I could fight a little hard tooo….it seemed almost an insult to his pain/struggle to leave him and immediately give into my ‘pet’ addiction – food.

2.  This blog post – I really wanted to start up the Morris Files (TMF) again and just knowing that I was going to write again about this issue made me want to write something positive – a victory if you will.  So there you go…it is always good to go public with your goals.  It keeps you accontable.


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