Welcome home

I was off travelling last week and it was quite the lovely time….beaches, sun…and its consequences (peeling skin) are all mine today. 

But honestly? The more I travel, the more I just want to sit on my (imaginary) porch and watch people stroll on by…:)

I have a couple of big trips planned this year as I have some vacation time saved from last year’s landlocked status (because of family illness) and although I am looking forward to spending time with distant friends and all that good stuff….mostly I long for quiet reflection time…

Which can be had anytime, anywhere, anyplace…..if you choose it.

“A life not reflected upon, is a life not worth living”….(some smartypants said that and I’m too lazy to look it up;)

p.s. – habit (check)….did spend time readign today….and grateful for it!


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