Okay, for those of you my loyal readership who have survived the rollercoaster of the last month with the sad lack of posts & still are coming back (yes, I’m speaking to you Bob!…hehe…just kidding…there’s more than one of you..but barely…;)….I’m going to fill you in on my agenda (of course always reserving the right to change it a whim! 😉

For the next week (until March 22nd), I am going to take a break from posting (okay, okay, no smart comments about how I’ve already done that…;).  So please check back after Monday, March 22 for more regular posts AND the full story on the beau….really! 🙂  (my great apology on keeping you in suspense…I’m still trying to reorder my mind and life after D-day (dating day…;)


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