Dating Update

************ warning mushy stuff below ***********

Well it is now almost 3 weeks into my new status as Datee and I thought I would give you an update (‘the story’ will be coming later….really…I promise)

Dating has been fun.  We are focusing on ‘staying in the moment.’  (easy to say, incredibly difficult to do).  It is easy to be too cautious because of past hurts and fearful because of future uncertainties.

One thing that is particularly, super nice….is the companionship.  I am so used to in many areas kinda going at it on my own.  It was so wierd (in a very nice sort of way) to settle into the fact that there is someone who actually wants to help me.  Sad, but I’m not used to this….NOT because there aren’t tons of wonderful people in my life who want to help and HAVE in fact helped me….but because in my insecurity/pride, I often don’t ask and don’t rely.  He has this focus about it which makes it easy to accept.

I forgot how it is to have someone want  to be with you, spend time with you. ….I know a lot of people in my life like/want to spend time with me….and I am very grateful for that….but with him, I don’t feel the need to entertain, or provide something of value (not anyone’s fault i feel that way, my own insecurity issues mostly).  His love for me kinda disarms me…I just feel so at ease…like I don’t have to be anything other than me. He really makes me feel that I intrinsically have value…by just breathing.  Kudos to him because I think that is a very spiritual quality…

….God loves us not because of us (that we are so special, have anything of any value to offer to the GOD OF THE UNIVERSE) but BECAUSE of who HE is….He is love and so He loves.  PERIOD. 

The Man is a very well developed lover of people…one of my favourite things about him.

….(and sorry boyz for losing you there with all this mushy stuff….:)


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