UPDATE: TMF files & my HABIT

Confession time; this week I have:

– lied to a person of authority and have to still confess it (oh I am so ashamed and humiliated that I have to go and do this but being right before God is more important than anything else, so do it I must…argh!)

– not made my time with God a priority over several days (even though apparently it is my number one priority….how meaningless are my words?)

– eaten when I’m not hungry (mainly out of boredom and a desire to procastinate)

– eaten a chocolate bar for breakfast (even though I was supposed to be fasting from chocolate…let’s not even begin to go there about my lack of integrity)

– found myself forcing myself to eat things I didn’t even feel like eating because I had already spent money on it and didn’t want to waste it (I know CRAZY….how much harder to get that stuff out of my body through exercise, right?)

It turns out everything in life is not perfect and rosy just because I have now arrived in that far off, fairy tale land of datedum…;)  Surprise, surprise…I knew this would be the case but I am strangely smug that I’m still just as crazy with a boyfriend as without.  (lucky for you all since that means plenty of fodder for the blogmill 😉

 I recall saying something about getting back on track last week but I have given myself (not consciously or delibrately…but whatever….;) another week to be all crazy about the dating thing.  But people, I am taking time tonight and over the weekend to get my priorities straight and focus back on my life mission of developing habits that will result in a character that I am proud of….

The motto of the story is that one should never give up on oneself….’cause God sure doesn’t….;)

(p.s. – more about The Man later….promise…:)


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