Introducing “The Man” – part I

I don’t know if you noticed, but often when I speak about guys on this blog, I refer to them as boys.  Well why am I now dating?

…not to be overly dramatic (okay, who are we kidding…I love the drama!!), I have now met a man…who has become The Man.

 What differentiates a man from a boy? (so MANY things but let’s list a few)

A boy can’t make up his mind, a man can.

A boy can’t make a committment, a man can.

A boy doesn’t know what he wants, a man does.

A boy is easily discouraged, a man isn’t.

A boy plays and flirts around to selfishly feed his ego, a man understands that everyone is precious and treats them so accordingly. 

Most of all I believe he is holding my hand, because of his courage.  Even after my initial hesitancy, he treated me with love & respect but was also humble and brave enough to keep pursuing me. 

….and that is why this man, became THE MAN in my life.


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