TMF – Feb 4/2010 – ????

There has been craziness afoot which I will shortly get into with y’all but it made me plumb forget to weigh myself (yes, it is that big….;)

So anyway, onto our regularly scheduled post…

The joy of celebration:  When I visited with a lay religious community (madonna house), they made Sunday’s special by giving us butter with our breakfast, usually a good portion of meat for the first time in the week and using the ‘Sunday’ plates (EXACTLY the same as our work week regular plates except that they were a sunny yellow colour ;).  All the folks got all gussied up on that day too…and it was simply wonderful/festive/fun.

In a world where we have SO much we forget the joy there is in waiting, anticipation, rewards, celebrations….because these days people seem to be able to have anything, anytime, anywhere.  As I walk down the street, if I my mind drifts to chocolate, my regular reaction is to nip into the nearest store and grab a choco bar…..but I do not enjoy it nearly as much as when I plan for it, wait for it…enjoy it on a special occasion….it just makes it special.

I think this is the reason some of the wealthiest people I know are the most depressed….the joy of life has been robbed from them as there is no journey, no striving, no excitement or anticipation in their lives….if they want something, they just can have it.

This week I did give into some of my baser instincts and purchased some things that I had been avoiding for awhile (chocolate cupcakes, I’m looking at you…)…and honestly, I felt sick and disgruntled and unhappy over how stuffed my tummy felt.

Food (or any manner of pleasure inducing things) is GOOD.  God made it good and pleasureable.  Contrary to popular belief and action, control and discipline around it makes it even better.


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