Boyz Front – You can’t make this stuff up

On one of my international trips, I met a gentlemen and went on a rather tame breakfast date.  When I asked him what he did….(oh, don’t you love those ‘get to know you questions…;)….he replied that he worked for his country’s department of defence….and that that was all he could tell me about it. (mysterious, no?)

Upon my return home, I rec’d one rather short voicemail from him.  I texted a reply a few days later and then heard….

NOTHING… I shrugged my shoulders, and did not think twice about him.

Well a few months later, I get a call from a friend in a different city that she had bumped into this gentleman and that he had inquired after me because he knew we had a connection.  Apparently, he was very much interested and liked the way that I explained things…..:) (blog friends would you agree?)

Okay, (if you are with me still…:) here’s where it gets good.  APPARENTLY, because of his job he is not permitted to strike up even a friendship with those outside of his country without them getting FULL details on the individual (me!).  He had been debating as to whether to involve/how to approach me about this matter….if he had continued contact with me than this foreign government would have started putting tabs on me right away and he had not wanted to infringe on my privacy without my direct permission (sweet, right?)….

SO…now the question is…should I give this guy permission to go ahead with his govt collecting data on me?  I mean it all sounds kinda bizarre and creepy…but okay, honestly, exciting….I mean is the guy a spy??? How cool is that!

It also interestingly puts a great deal of pressure on a not-quite-even-fledgling-friendship.  I mean if I agree to this *mad* plan of privacy invasion, am I sending a signal to him that I am interested to some degree when although I thought he was quite attractive, well-spoken and kind, he hadn’t crossed my mind twice in the past few months?  I wouldn’t want to lead someone on. 

And of course the conservatives among you would be freaking out about divulging information about myself/privacy issues, etc. and I share your concerns.  How do I know he is who he says he is?  What would such a government do with information on me? 

Those who know the Sanj well maybe wondering if she would be cut out to be in a relationship with a spy…I mean I have a blog for goodness sake…words such as ‘secrecy’ and ‘discretion’ do not live in my world…hehe…I’m definitely a ‘live-my-life-out-loud’ sort….:)

Ah well….will keep you posted.

p.s. – now if I suddenly do stop posting, you’ll know what happened….:)


One response to “Boyz Front – You can’t make this stuff up

  1. “SO…now the question is…should I give this guy permission to go ahead with his govt collecting data on me?”

    –Absolutely NOT.

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