A cell phone update (in case you cared…:)

If you’ve been reading along you know that The Sanj relatively recently joined the rest of the cool kids(ie. 2008) on the ‘having-a-cell-phone bandwagon’.

Well the little guy was costing me a FORTUNE every month.  I finally took everyone’s advice and called the company.  Because I have such good credit and have always paid my bill in time (or so say they tell me to butter me up?), they crafted a new plan for me which cost 20$ LESS than my old plan AND loads better!

(pretty much made my day!! yeah, again, I’m easy to please…maybe it is in my frugal brown blood…getting a deal just makes me happy…:)

Now, since I don’t know much about these things…I don’t even know if it was just that I was getting totally ripped off before and this is just a reasonable price now….BUT it’s okay.  Lessons learned;

1.  When everyone chops off their heads, you can be tall:  The lady said that because I paid my bill on time and they didn’t want to lose my loyal patronage, she was able to offer me this ‘deal’.  In comparison to lots of customers who are being irresponsible (e.g. chopping their heads off), me simply fulfilling my obligation, makes me look good (tall!)….okay, I’ll take it.  I’ve heard before that you will be better than 95% employees if you simply show up on time, smile and get your work done when you said you would (seems to be pretty simple and part of the employment contract, right?)….but those simple things are all it takes to impress most employers because most people don’t even do these….

2.  You got to ask to receive:  I’m so glad I called and asked what they could do for me.  If you want something, you have to go out and ask for it.  Simple but something I usually don’t do….

(life is so simple…why do I make it so complicated?)


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