TMF – Jan21/2010 – 157.4

A friend recently said eating more than what is necessary to sustain you is unfair & unfriendly from a global perspective.  I never thought of it quite that way, but it is so true.  To eat in excess is to take more than our share of the world’s resources. 

Just by virtue of being North American, I know I already do that…I live better than 99.9% of the world.  Trust me, I get it that me not eating that extra piece of bread or abstaining from that already baked piece of brownie is not going to feed one of the Hatian people that have been in the news this past week because of the earthquake that has devastated their country.  AND, I do believe in and am doing something much more practical to be of assistance….(for example contributing money and purchasing less meat)

….BUT, thinking to honour and respect the fact that I am part of an earthwide humanity, to be accountable to that collective humanity, I have been changing my eating habits.  Eating enough just to eliminate hunger is a statement that I respect myself and others…that I am not going to be greedy and take more than I need.  I’ve written before about my greed when it comes to food….I always want MORE.  For me it comes from selfishness I think.  I want to hoard and keep things for myself .

Maybe eating just enough may not directly impact those in need, but spirit that I am cultivating is something very powerful.  For example, yesterday I had a bowl of chili and usually I would have had seconds…but I realized I was no longer hungry…and I consciously decided to be in solidarity with all those who did not even have enough that I had had enough. (simple as that)

(is the Sanj becoming too esoteric here??? hehe….can’t help it…I am really deeply considering who I am these days…the whole POINT of this blog…if there ever was one….:)

I feel like I am touching or stirring something that is at the core of me…perhaps I am experiencing glimpses of what it means to live in alignment to your values?


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