A valuable lesson learned in Psychotherapy

A little is better than nothing. (that’s the lesson)

Like everything else that is true and stands the test of time….it is simple, common sense knowledge.

I am reminded of that today as I try to get a lot of things done in my life.

My psychotherapist asked me was I getting anywhere by having these lofty goals and having such high expectations (about my weight loss, professional accomplishments, etc.).  Truth be told, it was suffocating and overwhelming and most days I just ate a lot of junk and sat on my hands because I didn’t know where or how to begin.

I know most of you are way cooler and together than I am so this is not an issue for you…but for me, when I spend days like today (keeping my hands warm….see above)….I need to remind self….

Just begin/do one little thing….slowly….that’ll be enough.


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