On Having Enough

I’m reading a book called, “Rich Christians in an age of Hunger” by Rob Snider.  Published first in 1978, it is a bit of a classic Christian tome which I highly recommend to those who profess to follow Jesus and are rich (and by the way if you are reading this…no matter HOW you have mismanaged your money (e.g. you are in debt up to your eyeballs, living in a dingy basement, etc….if you are reading this…that means you own or at least have access to a computer…and on the basis of that very fact alone, in comparison to the rest of the people on this planet…YOU ARE RICH…really!)

He shares a very striking statistic that got me thinking; simply that more money is spent on advertising in North America than on all ‘other’ forms of education put together.  Isn’t that simply AMAZING?  Isn’t that a such a glaring indictment on our society?  More money is spent on smoke, mirrors and lies targeted to brainwash us to desire and ultimately purchase what we don’t need (because if we truly needed it, we would go out and buy it without such unbelievably expensive prompting), then on educating our minds about history, math, politics….any skills.  The best funded and most perfectly aimed education we get we never have asked for nor even signed up for….

So what has this advertising ‘education’ produced in us? Many of us have a never-ending, never-satisfied craving for more, better, larger, etc.  Once a friend asked me to join up in some marketing scheme which would make me more money.  I answered her “why? I have enough.” (and people I’m not a millionaire or anything…just a simple working girl, rich by world standards but just a little above average for North America)  She was literally speechless for 3 seconds…I would have laughed if it wouldn’t have offended her.  She told me that she had never heard anyone say ‘they had enough.’

I guess the advertising diet being crammed into every orifice of our body (ads in the washroom people, really!?!…c’mon already!) has turned most of us into materialistic zombies.  (One of the many reasons I try to stay away from TV…the ads!) Nothing ever satisfies, nothing is ever enough.

Have you ever asked yourself how much is enough?  What I find is that once you reach that place, then you want a little more…and the vicious cycle never ends.

How about choosing right here, right now that you have enough?  Contentment is a beautiful thing.


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