To help people…

I just realized something  interesting.  I’ve always wanted to help people:

  • in their marriages/relationships…but I’m neither dating, nor close to marriage.  (I remember sharing some gems of dating wisdom with a new acquaintance and them subsequently asking…”so who’s your boyfriend?”…in other words, you must obviously be dating since you sound so practiced, confident, and knowledgeable about dating issues…I started laughing…hehe 🙂
  • regarding their health…but I’m not exactly that fit…(Morris!! your holding me back buddy…your days are numbered…grrr!)
  • get closer to God, but as you can tell from my  habit creation goal, consistency with God has been lacking…

(I am reminded of that saying, “those who can, do…those who can’t, teach”….LOL!!…..but seriously maybe there is an important lesson in there that sometimes the ability to put something into practice may come separate than the skills, intelligence, talents to capture info and teach it….)

But you know what?  There is something that I am passionate about and actually live – financial responsibility.  Suddenly I envisionbeing a financial guru of sorts helping millions of women get competent &  serious about their finances. Many men talk about this stuff, even specifically aimed at women.  Why aren’t there more women in this field?  My uniqueness would also stem from how the advice would be spiritually centered……

SO, I met this weekend with a financially unstable relative.  She is VERY financially UN-savy and her ostrich-in-the-sand approach has left her almost headless…(pardon the lame joke friends!)  I will consider her my first test run…..Do I enjoy this?  Does my help actually help her make a change?  Is this something I want to do more of?

Certainly, the first meeting left me with a bit of a headache….I cannot believe how far she’s in and the crazy reasons behind them…but I am also excited….:)


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