Creating a Habit: Step 2

Welcome back fellow habit-creators!!  It is time for an update on the habit making…to update and since I can’t link (cause sadly I’m a technical sloth)….My goal in the first 2 mths of 2010 is to have a time with God every morning.

I have officially begun this yesterday and continued on today.  The Bible was opened each morning….Today I am going to break down my goal into itty bitty, simple steps that will slowly build to something powerful:

week 1:  Get out of bed and sit in chair with Bible as soon as I get up

week 2:  Read 1 chapter in the Bible

How did I do for first two days of the habit?…epic fail!  Did all sorts of other things rather than sit down and focus….Will keep you posted and break down the rest of the 8 week later.

Habits are first  cobwebs and then they become cables.

-Spanish Proverb


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