A root of evil?

For about 5 years between the ages of 12 and 17 I carried in my jacket pocket a ‘debt list’ – this thing was ALWAYS on me, wherever I went.   What is a ‘debt list’ you ask?  Weellll just a list of names and beside this the amount of money the owe me.

My debt list consisted of names and amounts , no matter how small (we’re talking pennies even), of funds owed to me.  I never thought it was strange at the time.  It just seemed logical and necessary.  Weird, right?  I mean it’s not like I had some kind of betting ring or was running a  savings & loan company.  I was working with my allowance and babysitting money, ensuring that my more carefree (primarily) siblings paid back change borrowed.  At least I didn’t charge interest…but I think that was more because I wasn’t aware of the wonderful world of interest….(thank goodness! 🙂

Writing that down just now makes it  super clear what a bizarre teenager I was.  (probably that was already clear to you guys long back…but hey, we’ve already established I’m slow off the mark at times…;)

(….ah…and we wonder why ‘the Sanj’ is single….instead of dating boyz, I was rolling coins….;)

I have been reflecting on all this because of some investment opportunities that have come up.  I have always liked finances a lot (you wouldn’t have guessed, right?:)  Becoming a Christian really changed my perspective on money.  I remember when those who taught me the Bible taught that I needed to give a tithe (an offering) of money to God of whatever I made on a go-forward basis….I misunderstood and made an offering based on everything I had saved to that point – and was glad to do it….I truly felt Jesus freed me from being a slave to money…before it was an obsession, now it had become just a tool. 

 However, I wonder about this passion for counting, investing, dealing with money that I do think lives in me.  It is something that I have ignored for awhile……but I wonder if I am mature enough to let that part of me out and see exactly what kind of beast it is? Money is such a tricky thing.  You can say that you are passionate about painting and no one blinks an eye…but finances? As a Christian, you have to negotiate that path with such care.  Especially for me,  it can become such an all-consuming passion (remember the debt list? yeah, exactly!)….I take it very seriously when Jesus says you can only serve one master, either money or God…(of all the things to choose in the world!! Obviously, Jesus knew above anything else, money was the number one competitor against God….the one which could take you farthest from God…)

I think the key is to take my passion into positive avenues (e.g. assisting other people, especially women, with their finances)  It drives me bonkers how little people understand about basic finances/money because often they end up in financial quagmires that could so easily be avoided.

….wish people would listen to me! 🙂 (but then again, maybe not…;)


2 responses to “A root of evil?

  1. Interestingly, I was similar when I was younger – very particular about debts owed to or by me, and I’ve also outgrown some of those tendencies as I’ve grown older! I’ve also been very aware lately of tithe, and needing to give back.

    So, I’m curious about something – what made you want to become a Christian? And how did you choose a denomination or do you have to? Did your family support your decision? Sorry for all the questions; hopefully they are not too personal and don’t offend you.

    • Hi Sunshine…thanks for dropping by!:)

      One of my earliest posts is about why I choose to believe in God (“Intro Part2/3: Christian”). No problem about the personal questions…If you haven’t guessed already…I could go on endlessly about myself! 😉

      1. Become a Christian? At some point in high school I realized all my striving to get great grades was ending in ashes and felt life was very meaningless…fortuitously that was the very time I came across a wonderful Christian group who seemed so filled with joy and kindness…I wanted their sincerity, life of purpose and JOY….and I was always curious about the Bible since I grew up in a somewhat Christian background….when this group asked me to study the Bible, I was excited…and ultimately, I just knew I wanted to be right with God…..why Christian over any other religion? I don’t claim to be an expert on world religions, but from what I have studied, I was moved that Christianity is the only religion in which God provides a path of forgiveness or grace through HIS own body…wow! That is the crux of it but it I could go on forever on the details and expand.

      2. Choose a denomination – like I said I met a group from a non-denominational church and was hooked. 🙂

      3. Family? they were largely fine with although they would have preferred I stay with the family denomination of Orthodox Christianity…if you are asking because you believe I converted from Hinduism because so many Indians are….well my family has been for generations Christian.
      Hope that covers it. 🙂

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