Creating a Habit, step 1: To ANNOUNCE

Ahhh…New year’s resolutions!  How to make them stick? 

A month ago, I posted my priorities every day boiled down to 1. time with God, 2. contact with family, 3. time of exercise, and 4. creativity (blogpost).  In all 4 areas I have faltered…the list was useful but slowly I lost focus on getting all 4 things done every day.  They are all pretty basic so why the heck shouldn’t I be able to get them all done in a day?  Am I not the captain of this here ship?  🙂 Honestly, though, for me it was too much.  I’m going to experiment with the concept of small steps and focus to see if I can acutally create an important habit.

I’ve been reading this super popular personal development blog on the Web (named in Time magazine as top 25 blogs on the year) called “ZenHabits” ( for about a year now and I’ve been considering his take on creating habits (  As we as humans are creatures of habit, it makes sense that to change our lives we must consider our habits.   From his experience, STEP 1 in creating a habit is publically announcing your intentions to as many as possible and have a future start date so that you can anticipate and strategize around it.

CONFESSION:  After 14 years of calling myself a follower of God, I have never been able to string together 7 straight days of meditation on God’s word and prayer. Yet, if I were asked what is the single change that I could make to my life that would make a huge difference, I would answer regularly spending time with God. 

ANNOUCEMENT:  SO starting Jan 10, 2010, the habit I am wanting to create is to spend some time every day in meditation and prayer. 

I’ll report back on the 11th and let you know how its going.  What change are you looking to make in your life?  Why not pick something and follow along with me! 🙂


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