Happy New Moment!!

This moment, right here, right now is yours to make the ‘right’ decision.  And every moment after it is ALSO just as ripe with promise.

We DON’T have to wait until Monday….or after the vacation is over….or until the exams or work stress is done….or for the NEW YEAR.

Real, lasting changing can be ours when we start seeing the unlimited potential of THIS MOMENT.

So what if you have binged on left over Christmas chocolates 2 days after your New Year’s resolution to lose weight?  THIS MOMENT you can put that half-bitten bon bon down and walk away (slowly….I know how they can jump into your mouth if you make sudden moves…hehe)

So what if you’ve lost your temper for the 8th time this morning after promising your wife you are going to get things under control?  This moment is new (although I would suggest considering some counselling to help you along…;)

So what if you’ve been jobless or friendless or loveless….this moment focus on the incredible possibilities of right now and choose to work at finding a job with renewed vigor, work on becoming a friend…share a kind word with the next person that you come into contact with.

Let go of the tarnishing effects of past failures and losses and shift your perspective to start seeing each moment as untainted.  THIS MOMENT is all yours, it is fresh, it is NEW…in the same way that we often see every New Year……..forget New Year’s…think NEW MOMENT….:)


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