$7.99 worth of Kindness

 Do not withhold good from those who deserve it, 
  when it is in your power to act.

-Proverbs 3:27

I dropped by my starving-student-roomate’s retail work place and she told me she was in dire straits for almond butter and rice cakes because she had nothing to eat that night (she only got off  at 10pm!!).  She is on a special diet because of health issues and was stressed out because she is new to the city and did not know if she could make it in time to get these specific permitted foods. 

As I walked away from her, I suddenly realized that I had time to get the things she needed.  I could just see the pure relief and joy on her face when I popped back with these things!  When I sourced the food,  the almond butter was $7.99 for a tiny jar…..and so I debated purchasing it since it was not in my budget and I felt I was getting ripped off.

I could have made someone feel special, loved and taken care of….the best sort of surprises are the unexpected ones…BUT then I thought about my new found attempt at budget conciousness and hemmed and hawed over the decision (as I am wont to do). 

I decided finally for a compromise of just the rice cakes which she was grateful for….BUT honestly?  I regret not getting that almond butter for her.  It is not often in life when the opportunity to make someone’s DAY is handed to you on a silver plattter like that.   This woman is someone who feels very alone in this dark world… I do desire to show her God’s love and grace….I want to live in such a way that she would ask ‘why’ I would show so much grace to her…(or to anyone in fact…) After all, am I not God’s hands and feet on this earth?  Am I not a vessel through which His Spirit is to imbibe life into others?

How easy it is to lose track, lose sight when you forget your priorities!  I got so caught up in the  selfishness and greed that I ‘forgot’ that the reason I was trying to be fiscally responsible was so I could bless others.

…In my attempt not to ‘waste’ $7.99, I wasted a priceless opportunity for kindness.


2 responses to “$7.99 worth of Kindness

  1. My sis has a surprisingly good and easy recipe for almond butter. I will ask her for it, if you’d like 🙂

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