TMF – Dec17/09 – 158.2

Treading water this week and honestly I’m *surprised* and super grateful that I did not gain significantly, BECAUSE;

– my eating has been ALL over the place with Christmas treats in line ups to my mouth like the best party of the year is in ma belly (Morris!!)

-I have missed a few workouts this week

-I have been super deceitful about my eating (sneaking food whenever I can, even getting caught in a lie about eating something) The thought process goes something like this; ‘quick, eat!…no one is looking’….how crazy is that?

Anyway, certainly this time of year is no time to give up….(not that any time of year is! 😉


3 responses to “TMF – Dec17/09 – 158.2

  1. so, a while ago, i noticed i was craving…and giving into this incessant want of sweets…anything sweet – pastries especially. i stopped eating them for a week and i noticed the following week that my cravings curved. i still crave once in a while in the past couple of weeks but i notice the significant decrease in the appetite.

  2. yes, no giving up!

    tomorrow (Dec. 24, 2009) is the official day that GP will be debt free!

    the only debt remaining is… the debt of love

    • GP….I’m so proud of you! You are the living inspiration to become debt free with some very tough decisions and so much humility…wow! An example to follow…Good for you!

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