God’s aim is NOT my HAPPINESS…

…it is my Holiness.

I’m reading a book called “Passion & Purity” by Elisabeth Elliott (her husband Jim Elliott is the famous missionary who died within minutes of first contact of the most violent people group on earth, a tribe in the Ecudarian jungle…they had only been married a year…after waiting on God for 5 years to be together). The book expounds in one chapter on the wonderfully profound truth that is above….God’s aim is Holiness not Happiness.

It is kinda ?scary? that God’s aim is not what humanity’s common goal seems to be…Ask most people what they want for their future and it will inevitably boil down to, “I just want to be happy.”   Most of our seeking and striving seems to have this at its core…

 It is hard for us to understand why God wants us to be miserable…and the truth is that God has no joy in our misery.  He does indeed want us to be fulfilled.  As the author so beautifully puts, “the problem starts when we make up our own minds what will give us happiness and then decide, if we don’t get exactly that, that God doesn’t love us.  We slither into a slough of God-hates-me self-pity” (pg. 43)  We are choosing misery….even when our beloved is dying, our child is sick, our longing for a spouse is unfulfilled for years or a lifetime…it is our choosing of an earthly perspective which leads into the cold unmitigated darkness.  To choose trust and faith in precisely the ‘jaws of sorrow’ can be the most freeing and joyful thing you will ever do….

I know…incredibly HARD to do over and over and over again…but if He really is God, then we seek after our own happiness at our peril and quite frankly in utter foolishness.  Instead of fighting this futile battle against God and ending up bitter/frustrated, why not align yourself to His dreams for your life, His aim of Holiness? Perhaps the maker of all that your five senses ever have and ever will experience, the Creator of the known and unknown universe, the God who keeps a count of the strands of hair on your head and chose how many specks of gold to put in the irises of your eyes, has a thing or two to teach you about what will truly fill you up… (just maybe, you know? 😉

Truly we have no other recourse if we want true joy.


2 responses to “God’s aim is NOT my HAPPINESS…

  1. Cornette Holeman

    Are you really that deep into religion? Drop god and all that holy crap, and start living in the real world!

    Pretty disturbing to see you trying to outsmart the evidence. There is no god, no eternity, no angels, etc.

    Just a lonely girl that watches as Life is passing by…

    • Hi Cornette…thanks for sharing your perspective and I respect/appreciate your taking the time
      to read mine. I know I often have to very conciously make the decision to read things
      I don’t necessarily agree with…it is so natural to gravitate towards what fits with our world view …so I admire people who take the time to expand their horizon…

      I don’t think of myself as ‘deep into religion’….religion in the traditional sense has no meaning for me….I think of myself (and want to be) deep into GOD. He has shown himself to be SO very really real for me…realer then anyone or anything else. After 14 years of living and learning about the God who takes the time and has sacrificed everything to love/know me….I just want more and more. It is the most important relationship I have ever had and will ever have.

      My personal experience (‘the evidence’ of my life, if you will) has been actually that when I walk closely with my God…my joy knows no bounds. He calls me to this higher ground, to the person I dream of being and lifts my feet, holds my hand so that I can actually reach it….There are many things that provide momentary pleasures in life but I’ve experienced that they are so fleeting and momentary….consistent peace and joy that I have comes only from Him…

      I have found no better way to live in the real world….:)

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