TMF – Dec10/09 – 158

I was going to write that I am satisfied with my turtle like progress.  But I won’t….because that would be a lie.  And one of the raison d’être for this blog is help me start getting honest.

Yesterday I went to a company Christmas party….friends, I ate the place down.  It was supposed to be ‘light refreshments’ but I think that I had thirds of almost everything and 2 desserts.  Was it worth it?  Not in the least.  First of all, now that I prepare and eat my own food in very minimalist fashion (light if any salt, heavy veggie, not much meat, sprinkling of oil), I found things too salty and meaty.  The food was just not that tasty…One of things I’ve discovered is that hunger is a necessary sauce for food to taste good…once you take away all the emotional aspects, once you are full…food stops being that good.  Isn’t God cool the way he built us?  

I was eating mainly because of greed.Why do I feel SO greedy when it comes to food?  Especially, when it comes to FREE food….I mean it is not like I was raised in deprivation or ever lacked for food.  Somehow that food is there and available to me makes it seem irresistable.  I really have no answer for it other than some deep-rooted sin of selfishness and greed…got to get my gardening gloves on and root this stuff OUT! 

The reason my getting-fit/weight-loss program is going so slowly (I think I just saw an ant pass me…whew!…he’s fast! 😉 is because I have not done everything necessary, made the sacrifices and made the choices to put my health first.  Simple as that…

Instead of moping today, I decided to press out 40 push ups against my desk at work and now I’m going to put in a 40 min cardio session with some strength excercise for my arms….(oh yeah, did I tell you that bridesmaid dress is sleeveles!?!….uh, yeah…arm excercies!)

And you know what?  Since beginning this final journey to get serious about my health/weight in July 2008 (yeah it has been that long!), I have lost a solid 10 pounds (although regained and lost it a few times over in that period…hehe…:)….and I am happy about that.  I would MUCH rather be here then 10 pounds up from that start point which is likely where i would be without my current focus.

….in the immortal words of Winston Churchill, “Never, ever, ever GIVE UP!” (Oh, I won’t Winnie!…Oh I won’t!)


2 responses to “TMF – Dec10/09 – 158

  1. That’s the best motto for weight loss—NEVER give up! 🙂

  2. (Oh, I won’t Winnie!…Oh I won’t!)

    you are HILARIOUS! and inspiring.
    keep on keeping on.

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