Let it Go already!

A friend said something to me recently that I’ve been thinking about a LOT….”let it go already!”….the context was not important but the content of her message was…

Whatever it is…resentment around a past hurt, throwing something out that you shouldn’t have, mistake you made on a test, ETC….the best thing to do is ‘forgetaboutit’.  I know often I often hold on with these false excuses;

1.  If I forget what they did, then they could hurt me again

2.  I want to learn from that mistake

3. I need to understand what happened to be able to figure out the best plan to move forward…

All these are fine sounding…but the reality is that MOST things don’t require that much reflection and 95% of the time we are rehashing to our detriment.

Learn what you need to learn, plan your next step forward and go for it….the time spent in the past, wallowing in regret only wastes the precious present.


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