TMF – Dec3/09 – 157

I hate to admit something but I’m going to have to….I think the most successful motivation for weight loss I have had to date is trying to keep my expenses in check.  Let me explain;

In October I took a long hard look at my fiances and I discovered among other (interesting?) surprises that I spent over $1000 a month on food/eating out.  ONE. THOUSAND. DOLLARS. FOR. ONE. (SHORT). SINGLE. PERSON….yes you read that right.  (now, you are saying no wonder she has weight issues…hehe…and you are right!)

Seriously, though, when you eat out EVERY meal, expenses can add up quickly(and the weight!!)

…before when I was just concerned about the weight, I would justify buying very expensive things to eat because we all know that healthy takeout food is usually more costly than crappy fast food.  But honestly, eating out is eating out….and takeout portions, no matter how healthy are big, filled with sodium and usually not made with LOVE.

Now, I pass by a convenience store and I know that I cannot buy anything ***not in the budget***…instead of walking in and trying to find something ‘healthy’ (here’s looking at you glorified, spin-doctored chocolate bars masaquerading as protein bars, fibre bars…etc)  Now I try to carry snacks etc.  As I have learned over the last few weeks, with the dual motivation of keeping my budget and weight under check, things get very simple and much easier….

I’m going to take this discovery as more evidence that life works best when we have a holistic approach to it….


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