Relationship Risk #2

This week I did something I’ve been thinking about and talking about for mmmmm TEN YEARS.

There is a family member whom I have only intermittenly gotten along with over the course of a number of years.  I have been told by others that ‘she hates me’ (felt like a knife going through me)….Over time I think severe sentiments have mellowed but still I always feel insecure in her presence.  NOT the best way to build a relationship when you feel so defeated walking into that person’s presence.

Of course you must be wondering what elicited such strong feelings…what did ‘the Sanj’ do??  I can only confirm that I was my usual flighty, fabulous and charming self….the self that wins the crowds over…(hehe)….but for her its like I’m the stench of death.  I think ultimately it is a personality conflict.  She and I are very different people.

When I moan and groan with friends about this situation, often the advice is to take her out for coffee and get to know her better.  Really start caring for her as an individual.  I have been afraid to because I wonder, what should I talk to her about?  How deep can you go with someone that is not interested to share her heart with you?  I guess the answer is that I have to go ‘there’ and take my chances.

…and so I have invited her out for lunch.  Wish me luck and Godspeed! 🙂


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