TMF – November 26/09 – 159.0

The Sanj has a completely serious motivation for the next two months.  I am in a wedding in January and the largest size of the bridesmaid dress barely fits….THUS losing weight has now become a necessity if I desire to inhale on the big day…..:)  As motivation goes this is a pretty strong….I mean I’ve always enjoyed oxygen, you know what I mean?

Also my friend and I made this no carb pact this Monday….and on Thursday….(after throwing sandwich bread and eating just the filling on some lovely sandwiches earlier that week)…I caved.  This is kinda frustrating to me that I cannot trust my own word…if I can’t then how can others?  From what I’ve read the solution is to make tiny promises to yourself keep them…and then build from there.

Okay I will wake up at 8 tomorrow.  There you go! 🙂


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