My proudest moment

My proudest moment occurred back in Grade 9….over half my life ago..:).. it’s a good story anyway, so here goes;

Being the little nerd I was, I was SUPER worried about being forced to take Grade 9 gym (phys.ed).  I was the kid who would always ‘forget’ their clothes, or fake an injury so I could sit out.  I didn’t like moving around or getting sweaty (and we wonder why the weight problem later in life? :). I exasperated many a Gym teacher with my constant scheming & whining…

Then came GRADE NINE….and I would have to take this class and it would be on my PERMANENT TRANSCRIPT for university consideration.  Obviously no one was around to let me know that universities wouldn’t care less how a student did in grade 9 gym.  At that time, the challenge of gym was a looming, horrible hurdle that I had to leap over on my way to university glory.  No, seriously, it kept me up at night, people.

ANYWAY, as the year began, I made a decision.  I decided I was going to tell myself I loved gym with all my heart.  I was going to fake it till I made it.  Every class I would be there on time and dressed and try my darndest….I would literally walk into that changeroom every day chanting (yes, chanting) under my breath about how I LOVE gym…love it.  Oh the joy!! Oh the fun to be had in gym class!  I knew it wasn’t true but I just squashed the naysaying thoughts and charged out every class with a totally positive spirit.

Now, with all those years of only exercising my mind in class (as in how to get excused from gym) and not my skills or co-ordination, my performance left MUCH to be desired.   But guess what?????????????

I had the shock of my life when a, I, THE SANJ, was given an award for highest grade in girls Grade 9 gym.  How’s that for the power of positive thinking/attitude?????  I could NOT believe my ears when I heard.  One of the disappointed (truly) athletic girls  actually had me on a to-beat-up list for a few days until she realized what a wimp I was and considered me not worthy of her fists.

I was never prouder of myself than through that experience.  I put my game face on and toughed that gym class every day like I was some kind of storm trooper.  I gritted my teeth and dug down into reserves I never knew I had.  The amazing thing is that whatever I connected to and brought out earned me an accolade I could never have imagined in my wildest dreams.

(Now to be fair, there were some sections of health education (non-physical,nerd stuff) which I aced which certainly helped get that grade….but STILLLLLL…)

This experience teaches me to never underestimate myself….and the unbelievable power of having the right attitude.


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