On Having No Regrets…

People often tell me that I am a kind person.  I attribute this fact to  three major things;

1. knowing and experiencing God’s abundant, unconditional, gracious  love (’nuff said…;)

2. the gentle love of my mother:  My parents were not great discplinarians…and I struggle with discipline to this day because of that…BUT I never doubted their love for me….In 1st Peter 4:8, God says that ‘love covers over a multitude of sins’….I have found that to be true.  I’m SO grateful for the love shown me…for their sacrifices, their attention & care.  My parents, in particular my mom,  demonstrated what love was…so that I’m able to share that now.

 3. the death of my sister:  One day during the illness that would eventually claim her life, she asked me if I needed her.  I broke down crying because I realized just HOW much I needed her.  She was quite surprised and gratified to see my flood of emotions.  I was always so matter of fact and calm around her she had no idea about how deep my feelings were when faced with losing her….Honestly, I was surprised too.  When she died, this simple exchange where I had honestly expressed how much she meant to me provided a great deal of comfort.  At least I had told her…at least she had known, how much I loved her.

Because of my experience with my sister, when I interact with people, I am often reminded that this could be my last memory with them.  In as much as it is within my power, I want to leave love and kindness as I part with them….so there will be no regrets.


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