TMF – Nov12/09 – 160.8

Today’s lesson cost me $4000 dollars ….(and I’m still learning it)…BUT I’ll share it with you guys for FREE.  What a steal of a deal, dear readeroos!  🙂

Last August (2008), I decided to get ‘serious’ about getting fit and  hired a   personal trainer.  As you may have realized through reading, I struggle mightily with indecision and inaction…especially when it comes to time   &   financial committments.  Personal training can easily be a major committment of both.  To combat my fear issues, I forced myself to make a major investment of $4000 dollars for a year’s worth of sessions.  I figured I would just eat beans and rice  and nix major vacationing to make up any financial shortfall. 

Here’s what I learned: 

1.  Be humble enough to be honest (hey..wait a second..didn’t I ‘learn’ this one before? ;):  I didn’t want to seem like one of ‘those’ people who just care about losing weight (part of not wanting to admit there is a problem or concern) so I kinda hemmed and hawed my way through the process of finding the appropriate trainer.  I *wanted* a really tough (perferrably) male (hey…I figured I would try harder to impress..hehe) trainer…and I ended up with a trainer who was very nice but certainly did not put my feet to the fire.  I think she would have been more than capable of doing so, I just never asked for what I really wanted.   All throughout the year I could have spoken up, but I chose not to because of my pride, cowardice and people pleasing.

2.  Rarely does throwing money around work as a long term solution:  Whether it is about getting out of debt or getting fit, etc, rarely does buying something solve the internal problems that go along with outward manifestations that we experience.  I’m not suggesting personal training is bad – not at all – but it is just one part of the solution that must be approached with the proper mindset.  I looked at it as the panacea…I wanted my trainer to take responsibility when regardless of the amount of dough (4000$ argh!! 🙂 I’m dropping, I need(ed) to take responsiblity.  This is a difficult lesson in our world which shouts constantly that you will be more attractive, slimmer, richer etc…..If you just buy “THIS“.  Truth be told, even debt problems cannot be truly resolved with money.  Things must change inside for your external situation to be permanently changed. 


 Did I get a better body?  Aesthetically/Visually, not really.  Although  I can do 12  ( girl )  pushups in a row  now.  My previous was 3 in a row….progress! 🙂

 (and of course the question the answer to which you’ve been waiting: Did I eat beans & rice?  Not really….hehe.  Let’s just say, financially it was not a wise year. 

Word to the wise….



2 responses to “TMF – Nov12/09 – 160.8

  1. Wish you were here (running down Namibian sand dunes with me) the Sanj!!!!!

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