To make a man fall in love…

…(short answer) you can’t. 🙂
Hehe….alright well, some women have this ability on really, really well.  I’m just not one of them.
I really don’t and quite frankly from what I see of it (not to be arrogant about it), I don’t want to…I notice though that men really love damsels in distress who cannot care for themselves.  I sometimes feel like I have to be less of myself to attract a man….Isn’t there a man who appreciates strengths in a woman?  I think you have to be a really courageous guy to be able to deal with that…
A guy that I’m very close with and whom I respect alot told me that in his romantic relationship he feels intimidated by her strength, the fact that she challenges him…but sometimes he just doesn’t feel up to the task. He’s not used to being challenged (really just by who she is) and called higher dating her….he appreciates it and loves her immensely…(and it doesn’t hurt that he thinks she’s the most beautiful woman in the world…and maybe that’s where the crux of the matter lies anyway…;)….but he says he really had to grow to a point where he could be in a relationship with her…
So I guess that is what I have set my sights on …. a brave man…. a courageous man…. not that I believe I am oh so amazing…just ***trying*** to live courageously myself in my little corner of the world….would love a partner in the endeavour. 🙂

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