Creative Risk #1


A dark haired 22 yr old whirlwind has dropped into my life in the form of a new roomate.  There are many cool things about her but I want to focus on the fact that she is a spoken word artist. I had only ever vaguely heard of this type of performance art…apparently often it is just a catch all for that which does not fit into the traditional categories developed by who knows who knows what??
After hearing some of the stuff, I realized this is something I want to do SO  I will be performing in the middle of November at my first ‘slam’ (poetry reading?? hehehe). 

WHY?   I am  labelled ‘the actor’ in the Meyers-Briggs personality types (16 in total) and this personality test has pegged me correctly.  When I’m in a social situation, my instinct is to entertain.  I need a stage, people.  SERIOUSLY….this blog is NOT enough to sustain or contain me….;)  During major heartbreak in my life a couple of years ago, what pulled me through, what got me stepping again was being part of a theatre production.  I have passion, a love for it…nothing so heart rendering as motivation this time BUT still want to get back with it.

An interesting cultural note about spoken word competitions…apparently in North America this art form rose in the 1990’s specifically from NYC…but apparently such poetry competitions have gone on for centuries in India….maybe that’s why my blood leaped with excitement over this creative endeavour?  This art form of ‘my people’ is calling to me…

If I get any kind of positive response (or even if I don’t) you poor blog reader guinea pigs will get to read the poems recited that night.  I’ll even try to get a live recording on here for you….considering my luditeness…don’t hold your breath! 🙂



2 responses to “Creative Risk #1

  1. Go Sanj Go! (I love to hear your poems!)

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