TMF – Nov 6/09 – 158.4

I never really understood the whole contraception debate in Christian circles.  I mean what’s the big deal?  What’s wrong with preventing the possibility of a child via  a condom/IUD (ignoring the pill considering the rumored hormonal havoc caused), etc.?

… then I hung out with some Catholic folks and started reading Pope John Paul II’s writings on contraception.  It was so beautiful & succinct that I wish I could reproduce it here but after searching the internet extensively (15 minutes…:) and not finding it, I’ll just provide a stumbling, faltering poor recitation of its gist which I’m sure misrepresents his position but anyway here goes; 

Human sexuality is intended primarily as a spiritual experience.  The physical aspects is a tangible echo of spiritual realities coming to fruition.  In it man and woman have the privilege to participate in  the divine processes of unification AND creation.  The act is powerful and sacred…and wholly God’s.  God’s to choose how to use it, to create a new life and/or to join the hearts of the participants even closer.  To take away or separate anything from this act would be to make it less than it was meant to be. By separating sexuality from its creative (via contraception) and spiritual (via having sex outside of holy matrimony) elements, the reverence by which it was made to be approached  is stripped. Taking away its consequences, means that it can be done anywhere, anytime with no awe for the power endowed it by the Creator.  And thus life is cheapened and sullied.

He goes on to say that even in marriage there should not be an unbridled approach to sexuality….that it should always be undertaken with care and honor towards the other person and respect for God’s creative power.  Even in marriage there should be discipline with regards to sex.

As a single Christian person, this is kinda tough to hear because I always think of marriage as the promised land in terms of self-control in the area of sexuality.  But every married person tells me that WHATEVER you struggled with before marriage; lust, loneliness,  addictions….will still be there the day after the wedding. 

So what does all this controversial stuff have to do with poor, innocent Morris?  Well, everything really.

Sometimes I think of watching what I eat and exercising as a discipline of the now, waiting for the promised land of chocolate fountains, carefully manicured lawns of layered baklava and giant lush trees bearing just-made donuts.  The reality it is that if I want to be in vibrant health for the rest of my life, then I have to be conscious and disciplined in how I treat and care for this body, this temple of God, for the rest of my life.  

FREEDOM, in direct opposition to the popular position, is not found in indulging in everything and anything at anytime with anyone.  What gives wings to my feet and puts a song on my heart is the ability to say no, the feeling of not being enslaved and distracted by desires or wants, by each movement of the wind, or by the pressing of the crowd.  To leave myself open to the higher orderings and callings of my mind as I’m transformed by my God.


2 responses to “TMF – Nov 6/09 – 158.4

  1. The LORD
    is your Shepherd
    we shall not want.
    (Ps 23)

    For God did not give us a spirit of timidity,
    but of Power, Love, and Self-control (discipline). Start truly living by the Spirit. It’s there for the taking. Embrace it and run, walk, and crawl with it.

    When you are weak, He can be strong. What’s wrong with asking the Spirit to help you be fit? What’s wrong with praying for the spirit (self-discipline) to improve your physical being to glorify God? This is why we are doing it right?

    Sure we may have some selfish thoughts along the way of how more attractive we’ll be, but if you keep your eye on how much we can glorify God by the changes we make by following his word and relying on his power, people will notice. Then you can share why and how it was done.

    To GOD be all the GLORY!

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