God’s teasing me

God, are you teasing me?  You are definitely making me laugh. 🙂

Friends, yesterday I arrived home to find a cute plush polar bear toy waiting for me.  My admirer/encourger was a gentleman acquaintance of mine that I had probably exchanged a total of 1 hour of conversation with over the course of 7 years.  To say this comes from left field, is an understatement.  I hardly know this guy and I have no idea what precipated this sudden attention.

This act coupled with Mr. Dreamy of the weekend I wrote about earlier, makes me think that the good Lord hears my prayers for a partner and wants to encourage in big ways and small.    I really hope neither of these men is ‘the one’ (sorry guys!) but really….it’s just nice to be noticed….I’ll take it! 🙂 

I think it is part of enjoying every stage, every place of your life.  I mean if I was in a serious relationship, I wouldn’t have had all that fun dancing and laughing with Mr. Dreamy on Saturday and would have to return my little polar bear.  No point in worrying about what could be, what should be, what you would like it to be…instead just enjoy the gifts of the moment that God gives!


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