TMF – Oct29/09 – 158.8

SO…it has been a few weeks since the last TMF.  I should let you know that I was off my goal by .7 so I’m satisfied…(I’m easy like that…;)  But only in retrospect….As much as I told myself not to be disappointed and actually thought I wasn’t, I engaged in some self-defeating behaviours (chocolate consumption goes up, Sanj’s self-esteem goes down) shortly thereafter.  Clearly I have some work to do to get real with myself and deal with emotions on this journey.

Two weeks later (today), I’m well below goal so I’m quite happy with my progress now!  (As they say, shoot for the moon because at least you’ll land among the stars…:)

Nothing to it but to pat myself on the back for the effort put in thus far and then charge BOLDLY forward. 

 Next goal:  to be 155 pounds by November 19.


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