What’s Important?

****pls note: for confidentiality’s sake, quite a bit of the facts of the story below is fabricated…the senitment is genuine…the facts, not so much…*****
Today I met with someone in the last stages of a terrible disease.   He was upbeat and methodical as he prepared for his last days.  There was quite a lot to do as he was a hard working man who had diligently amassed much wealth and a big company.
I felt sad for him.  He was relatively young and did not seem to have many family or friends.  Instead of tucking children into bed for the last time, he was tucking company stocks into folders.  Instead of rifling through pictures of family and friends, he was rifling through receipts to prepare his last income tax return.
Instead of telling the people around him how much he loved them and was grateful for them, he was telling his staff to be prepared for the transition in ownership.  Instead of reflecting on a life rich with memories of time spent laughing, dancing, crying, giving, LIVING….he was reflecting on a life spent WORKING.
He had enjoyed working but he had thought he would have all the time in the world for the other stuff of life; relationships, travelling, painting (something he told me he had loved as a child), volunteer work…but now all that would never be.  Would he consider his life a sucess or does he have many regrets?
I realize how easy it is to lose sight of what you personally think is important.  Unless you are reflecting on your values and considering each decision in light of those values…the ‘urgent’ but unimportant things in life will take over…
SO, I made a little reminder in my schedule to call my niece every weekday…just to touch base and let her know her auntie thinks she’s precious.
I want to pour my life into what is important.


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