Thinking for a Living

In Grade 8, my teacher gave us an impossibly ambigious assignment: “write something creative.”  Being the (ingenious!) wierdo that I was/(am?), I wrote about a planetary system of sustainable energy coming from human exercise. Every day, part of your civic duty would be to work out for 1 hour a day on an electrical generator, cleverly rigged up as a treadmill, crosstrainer, whatever….your huffin’ and puffin’ would generate energy for lights, heat, your kitchen…etc.  If people could do more they would so that those who were not able to workout would be covered.The beauty of this electricity generation was not only its sustainability BUT people got fit and so health care costs decreased.  I suspect that in all ways society would be improved as stress was relieved and heads cleared daily on these energy producing hour long sojourns….In a strange way, we have come full circle.  Electrical stuff was in large part invented so that we would have to do less work.  It turns out our bodies did not develop or adapt as fast as our technology and still needs the workout…albiet in a much more sophisticated setting. 
People say that if you really want to know what you want to do, who you are…reflect on your childhood.  What did you enjoy doing back then?  What did you dream of becoming when you were young, foolish…..and FEARLESS? 
I always thought this excercise was rather a pointless activity because c’mon people, how many prima ballerinas and dump drivers can the world economy really support?  However, as I reflect on my writing assignement, it gives me a lot of clues about who I am….
….health and fitness is important to me…
…I LOVE the concept of EFFICIENCY…killing two birds with one stone etc.  Interesting, because I would definitely rate myself as one of the least efficient people I know…but mainly because I spend a LOT of time thinking about how to do things in the most fantastically efficient way ever…and not much time actually doing anything.
…I care about sustainability and stewardship of the earth…
…I HATE waste.  I have eaten many almost-but-not-quite-over-the-edge-rotten food because I could not bear to see something thrown out.
…I’m a thinker.  What I think may not always be brilliant but boy do I think…and think and think…my mind is always going with ideas…stuff similar to the above about making the world a better place…how to solve social problems.  I’m fascinated by these things….is there a job for thinkers?? 🙂  (that means that I will not write reports or in any other way communicate my ideas by the way…brainstorming baby…that’s what I’m all about…nothing concrete, no committments made, no idea thought through…;)
Anyway, just a thought….:)  Happy Wednesday! 

One response to “Thinking for a Living

  1. If you find such a job let me know … maybe they would 2 people

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