Little and Dangerous

The little girl sat there feeling very envious of all the attention her classmate was getting as he shared about his baby sister.  Kindgergarten show and tell was kind of a big deal and she had really nothing to show or tell. 

She wasn’t sure where the idea came from but suddenly she raised her hand and shared about HER new baby brother. Creativity, especially in the grips of the green monster, was clearly not her forte.

It was a small class and Mrs. English, the teacher, knew her students’ family well enough to point out that her baby brother was only a few years younger.  No, the little girl insisted, I just had a BRAND NEW baby brother.  Oh, well now, that was different.  

All eyes were shifted onto the little girl and Mrs. English peppered her with questions.  She  had not thought far beyond the getting-everyone’s-attention part and so somewhat awkwardly responded to the onslaught as best she could.  Awkward as it was, she relished their interest and was quite pleased with herself.

The day ended soon after and the little girl’s dad came to pick her up.  She happily ran to the door with her back pack, only to find Mrs. English already there chatting with her father.  Only when her teacher started asking about her new baby brother did it dawn on the little girl that she was about to get caught in her lie. (yeah, not that quick I guess…:)

The confusion her father felt at Mrs. English’s questions soon cleared up when her father noted that their neighbor had recently had a baby boy.  Obviously his daughter must have gotten confused as to what family the baby belonged. 

The adults laughed most likley thinking  how silly and precious children were……and the little girl silently breathed a sigh of relief thinking how silly and precious adults were… 

Adults are so gullible!

(I remember thinking that last line vividly…okay mabye not exactly the word ‘gullible’…I was a well-read kid but “see Spot run” books just don’t lend themselves to learning that that kind of vocab….:)  I also remember thinking that as long as you are a a little kid, you can get away with ANYTHING because they (read:adults) think you are stupid….)

Little and dangerous indeed.


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