To make a woman fall in love…

1.  Tell her she’s beautiful and mean it.  Say it consistently and sincerely.

2.  Make her laugh.  Women fake laughter all the time, so don’t be fooled.  It has to be real.

3.  Listen to her.  The number one complaint of married women is that their husbands don’t listen to them.  The simple act of listening is confouding for men because to them nothing seems to be accomplished…but believe me a lot is being accomplished in a woman’s heart when you listen to her.

4. (the secret ingredient without out which you will most likely end up being her ‘friend’ ARGHHHHHH!)  BE A MAN….don’t let her push you around. Don’t let her get away with everything.  Don’t let her always have her way and walk all over you.  I hesitate saying this because you can easily be confused about what this step entails….this does not mean you should be sexist, or a bully or selfish.  This means that you know who you are, are comfortable in your skin and know the direction you are headed….

Not easy, but I truly believe that if you do these four things consistently and sincerely enough with a particular  woman, you will eventually win her over…

….or maybe its just me…hehe. 🙂


3 responses to “To make a woman fall in love…

  1. Indeed, and don’t take too long to let her know how you feel about her (or you risk being thrown into the “friend zone”).

    • Hehe…good point CD! I would make this part of the ambigous #4 point I made above…a man who knows who he is will not only know what he wants but will have the courage and security to go after it with vim and vigor…

  2. how about be a muffin? 🙂

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